The Microvision ENT camera system represents unmatched convenience, functionality with a large range of integration options. The revolutionary docking concept integrates the latest technical developments and miniaturized components with the high demands on performance expected by today's practitioners. The result is a compact, portable, extremely lightweight camera solution which can be applied easily to your requirements in any medical practice.

Whether used as a table top or a wall mount, the Microvision ensures that there are no limits to your own individual ideas. Thanks to the modular docking feature, the Microvision ENT camera system is suited perfectly to multi locational installations.

Camera with Docking Station

World's First Multipurpose Probe.

The Microvision ENT Camera utilises a revolutionary new handpiece design supporting removable 'Snap-On' probes. This allows the operator to switch between probes such as otoscopes, intra-oral probes, full face probes, and surface magnifiers along with surgical endoscopes in a matter of seconds. All conventional medical endoscopes with standard BSE oculars can be connected to the system using the special 'endoscope adapter'. This also negates the need for additional light sources as the light connection comes from the camera module through the adapter.

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Docking Concept.

The Microvision ENT Camera has a removable camera module which is connected through a docking station for convenience and ease of use. The camera can also be fitted to a table mounted docking unit.

Being removable, the camera module along with the probe can be carried between rooms and connected to any pre-wired docking station as required.

MedicalEye Software
The system operates perfectly over a PC network in conjunction with our powerful MEDICALEYE archiving software allowing the ENT-Camera to be used in any number of rooms with patient files and images being stored centrally on a secure server.

The ENT camera module includes a super bright halogen light source along with the latest technology in micro electronics to guarantee brilliant, sharp images every time.

The docked camera is always available where it is needed during treatment. Taken out of the docking station, the Microvision can be used at a variety of locations throughout the practice or even moved between surgeries in a convenient carry case.

Image Examples.

The following images were taken through the Microvision ENT Camera using the standard Otoscope.
Sample Ear Images

Technology to help you

The Microvision ENT Camera boasts the latest in digital 8-bit micro camera technology. Power is supplied via a separate low voltage plug in power supply unit.

A membrane keypad is used to adjust all of the image, color and contrast values in an on screen process. Individual color settings for intraoral and extraoral lenses can be set according to the specific probe in use and can also be stored in the cameras memory.

Equipment Tower with PC, Printer, Camera, Monitor and Keyboard
The camera is suitable for use with the patented Snap-On Otoscope probe, Face / Larynx probe, Ophthalmoscope probe, Dermatology probe, Dental probes along with all standard medical endoscopes in conjunction with the appropriate adapter. The tried and tested Microvision quick change device permits the lenses to be exchanged in a safe process with minimum wear.

The handpiece cradle on the camera enclosure ensures that the lens handpiece is positioned securely while controlling the automatic light control device at the same time. External handpiece cradles are also available depending on the type of integration required and can also be connected to the docking station.

Features of the Microvision ENT Camera.

  • Docking station technology, cost effective and portable.
  • Revolutionary 'Snap-On' probes for use in any imaging application.
  • High resolution digital or analogue images allowing fast & accurate diagnosis.
  • Bright halogen light source for increased image clarity and depth of field.
  • Medical grade flat screen multimedia monitor, ( Video , PC & Stereo-Audio).
  • Easy to use with existing surgical endoscopes.
  • Additional video inputs available for connection of existing cameras, VCR's and DVD's.
  • Ergonomic design with modern European styling.
  • Table, Pole or Wall mount versions available.
  • Perfect for patient & parent education with live images on screen.
  • Powerful archiving software for secure storage of all patient files & images.

Otoscope Probe

Otoscope Probe with Focussing Ring

The Otoscope probe is designed to provide brilliant endoscopic images of both the ear and nasal cavities from small children to adults. The use of disposable speculae guarantee hygiene between patients. No additional light source is required as the illumination is supplied through the handpiece.

Ophthalmic Probe

Ophthalmoscope Probe with Focussing Ring

The Ophthalmoscope probe is designed to provide brilliant images of retina for both large and small pupils. Choice of 5 apertures and 28 lenses from -35 to +20D. Select fixation star or cobalt blue filters for corneal examination. No additional light source is required as the illumination is supplied through the handpiece.

General Imaging Probe

Mouth / Face probe with light intensity adjustment

For extraoral images of the whole face, preoperative rhinoplasty views of the nose and mouth, images of the tonsils, cleft palates and intraoral lesions. A turning light ring ensures homogeneous illumination and facilitates manual focusing. The lighting intensity can also be individually regulated via a slit diaphragm. Focus range: macro to infinite.

Dermatology Probe

Dermatology Probe

For diagnosing and recording external skin conditions with available magnifying coefficients of x20, x45, x80 & x150. Complete with focus adjustment, the probe can be setup for surface magnification or for viewing into cavities or wounds up to 10mm deep. Removable light diffusing tips ensure hygiene between patients. For use with or without oils.

Endoscope Adaptor

Endoscope Adapter

For all purpose adaptation to commercially available brand name medical endoscopes such as Aesculap, Schoelly & Storz. External light source will be required for the endoscope.

Dental  Probe

90°- Dental Probe

For intra-oral side conforming images of the dental cavity. Slender 9 mm probe with a focal range from 8-45mm. The aperture angle of 60° ensures brilliant three dimensional images of 1 to 5 teeth at a magnifying coefficient of up to 25x. Due to the slender design and wide focal range, the probe is ideally suited to areas of the mouth which are difficult to approach.

Dental 105 Degree Probe

105°- All Purpose Focussing Dental probe

An all purpose focusable interchangeable lens for side oriented intra-oral and extra-oral images. Can be quickly adjusted to suit operator via a quick focussing system with defined ( notched ) working ranges and can also be adjusted individually with a focal range of 2mm to infinity.

Microscope Adaptor

Microscope Adapter

For connection to any commercially available prophylactics microscope via an individual ocular adapter or to special surgical microscopes ( e.g. Zeiss ) via a C-Mount thread adaptation.

Mucosal Probe

Mucosal Probe

For diagnosing aphthae, alterations of the gingiva and the mucous membrane and for microscopic images of dental enamel, fillings, carious spots. Special lens system with a magnifying coefficient of 50x and quick acting focus adjustment (lens accessory with a defined fixed distance). Your advantage: quick focusing at an unchanging lateral amplification.

DesignBeige composite body, bench or wall mount of base docking station
Camera Signal ConversionDigital 8 Bit = 4.3 Million Colors
Computer connectionWith image capture card (Frame grabber card) to any multimedia computer
Picture sensorSony CCD 1/2 inch
Resolution470.000 pixels
Pixels effective752 (H) x 582 (V)
Scanning system2:1 line interlacing
Signal-to-noise ratio46 dB (without amplification)
Brightness controlAutomatic
White balanceFixed - 2 settings
Video signalS-VHS (Y) 1.0 Vss / 75 Ohm; (C) 0.286 Vss / 75 Ohm; Video, 1.0 Vss / 75 Ohm
Power supply 12 V DC, 50-60 Hz
Power consumption 150 Watt
Dimensions Camera Body (W x H x D) 14.8 x 6.6 x 21.0 cm
Weight Complete System 1.39 Kg, Docking Station 0.59 Kg, Probe Handpiece, 160 grams
Length of endoscopic hose 175 cm
Outlets VHS video (4 pole Mini DIN), Standard video (BNC)
Conformity marks CE, EN 60601-1
Protective system Produced in compliance with IEC 601-1 and MPG
Quality standard ISO 9001 ff
Hygiene Single Use, disposable sleeves available

ISO9001 Quality Certified: Inline Systems is committed to providing professional and superior service.

ISO9001 Quality Certified
Inline Systems is committed to providing professional and superior service.