Amazingly compact and comfortable, Krystal X offers 2 sensor sizes with an an active area of 600 or 816 square mm which is almost identical to the exterior dimensions of each sensor.

The image area of the Krystal-X x-ray sensor is optimised for its size, meaning that it is just as effective used horizontally or vertically. Krystal-X also helps frame the teeth to be x-rayed thereby producing more information which reduces the number of exposures necessary. Krystal-X digital x-ray sensor saves time and money, and is more efficient and safer. Everything to make it the clear choice for your next sensor. Offering both size 1 and 2 sensors, the Krystal-X digital x-ray sensor system is the perfect solution for surgeries with large adult patients and small children.

The advantage of its size makes the Krystal-X digital x-ray sensor system practical and efficient for all sorts of diagnoses:

  • For endodontics: in vertical mode for integrated retroalveolar images.
  • For preventive care: in horizontal mode with bitewing format images to easily visualize up to four teeth.
  • Fast results: simplified use and easier diagnosis.
  • Multipurpose and ultra-efficient : Krystal-X is designed to meet all your surgery’s dental imaging needs
  • Two sensor sizes cover every application from small children to adults.

Krystal-X Sensor

600 & 816 sq. mm of digital advantages.

25% larger sensitive area compared to most other digital sensors today. Krystal-X is unique in its category: it allows you to x-ray four teeth in the same image. Simplified positioning and easier diagnosis.

High-quality x-ray image Resolution.

The amazing resolution of the CCD matrix = 26.3 lp/mm. Krystal-X offers a quality image: sharp, impeccable definition, perfect vision and optimized image processing.

Krystal-X Images

Improved ergonomics Strong and practical.

The Krystal X’s design employs innovative industrial processes that make it extremely robust, water-resistant, user-friendly, comfortable and flexible to use.

100% compatibility with Quickvision, DentalEye and most other imaging programs.

With Krystal-X, you will benefit from the latest technological advances in image processing with the software image archiving suite.

Micro Electronics = High Resolution and Reliability. Precision to the nearest micro-detail. The Krystal-X offers you a very detailed x-ray image in 4,096 shades of grey, that is ideal for all your periodontal tissue-diagnosis needs.

Benefits include instant read-outs and optimized diagnoses. The quality of the images generated by Krystal-X means the best-adapted image processing for your x-ray diagnosis needs, whether for endodontics, periodontics, surgery, implants or preventive care. In ‘Endo’ mode, Krystal-X generates a specially contrasted image that is particularly useful for postoperative check-ups in endocanalar treatment. This type of image is ‘light’ in IT terms and so very easy to store and export.

Precision, legibility and adaptability: the advantages are clear! With very high resolution > to 26 lp/mm, Krystal-X offers all the latest advances in digital technology, bringing you crystal-clear images of exceptional definition and sharpness.


  • Extremely high resolution for reliable diagnostics : 2.25 Million Pixels
  • Pixel Size is extremely small at only : 19 µm
  • Stunning image quality with over 26lp/mm
  • Thin enough to fit into the most difficult positions, only : 4.5mm
  • Active Area 25% larger than other digital sensors.

Size 2 Sensor Dimensions

Full Size Sensor Technology.

Are you searching for a digital x-ray system to save valuable time along with eliminating those expensive chemicals and complicated disposal costs ? Antiquated development units belong to the past as do those well known developer and fixing marks left on x-ray films.

Instead, you expect a system with sharp clear images and simple operation. A system that is flexible and compatible allowing your team to work effectively at several locations throughout the practice.

Phosphor foil systems are not an option for you as they offer no time saving and cannot achieve the same resolution as sensor technology. Keeping several conventional x-ray sensors and swapping between sizes from patient to patient is too expensive and time consuming. Instead, you need a full size universal x-ray sensor which fits perfectly in the mouth and offers you high quality images.

The active area of Krystal-X size 2 x-ray sensor is extremely large at 816mm2 allowing most Xray applications to be covered with a single sensor. (e.g. Periapical, Endo and Bitewing images ). With the Krystal-X digital x-ray sensor system you can take an image of 4 Molars, from the Root to the Crown in one shot. Up to 25% more active area in comparison to other x-ray sensors.

Sensor CCD Full Size Technology
Cable Length3 Meters
Pixel Size19 µm
Size 1 Pixels Count1,000 Lines x 1,500 Pixels = 1,500,000 Pixels
Size 2 Pixels Count1,260 Lines x 1,790 Pixels = 2,255,400 Pixels
Resolution26,3 LP/mm
Size 1 Active Area30 mm x 20 mm (600 sq. mm)
Size 2 Active Area34 mm x 24 mm (816 sq. mm)
Size 2 External Dimensions42 mm x 28 mm x 4.5 mm(1176 sq. mm)
Active Area Ratio70%
Greyscale12 Bit / 4.096 Levels of Gray
HygieneSensor soak proof, disposable sleeves
USB Box DesignWhite plastic body, bench or wall mount, European Styling
ProtectionIntegrated Opto Coupler
Computer connectionUSB Interface
CertificationTGA, CE / MPG (93/42 EEC), IPX7

ISO9001 Quality Certified: Inline Systems is committed to providing professional and superior service.

ISO9001 Quality Certified
Inline Systems is committed to providing professional and superior service.