Insight Vision IRIS Pipe Crawler

The IRIS Advanced Robotic Inspection is the perfect addition to your Mainline and Larger Sewer Pipeline inspection equipment! Inspect 6" (15.2 cm) to 12" (30.5 cm) lines with the ultra-portable and compact system which come standard with 800 feet (244 m) of advanced 75 Ohm Mini Coax cable, pan & tilt, and a 15" (38 cm) viewing LCD touch screen. The system includes a hand held wired remote, option for wireless Bluetooth.

The IRIS system is a portable colour video inspection system incorporating a motorised/self-propelled robotic crawler, motorised drum of TV transmission power cable, pan and tilt head. Standard inspections range from 6” inch (15.2 cm) diameter to 12” inch (30.5 cm) diameter (Up to 18” inch (45.7 cm) with an additional wheel set).

  • Intel Base PC Platform, ITX form factor
  • Window 7 x 64, 8 Gig Ram ( Optional 16 gig)
  • Dual Core CPU, ( Optional i7 Gig)
  • 500 Gig Hybrid drive SSD
  • Wireless N300 network

DELLON D Series 4-Way Videoscope

Offers high-resolution CCD image sensor providing super sharp and bright high - quality images with an objective lens tip that is focusable and can be swap out to vary the focal length view and depth of focus. The aperture value are adjustable so the user can adapt the system for viewing multiple environments.

In case of no mains power the battery belt could supply working for two hours electricity to the endoscope. Features include a 4-way controlable handwheel, dismountable, replaceable,easily and quickly get ideal inspection result.

Supplied with a 12.6 V-1A adapter for powering and charging the system.

The CCD 1/4 sensor offers 410,000 pixels of excellent clarity and resolution, with better images in less ideal lighting situations providing more clear capture results. Highly lit LCD illumination allows easier inspection identification in direct sunlight situations.

Ergonomic design concept , with friendly interface and it is scientifically designed and suitable for a wide range of work environments along with being light weight and portable.