• TIMS 2000SP
    TIMS - Recording and Editing Solution
    TIMS is an imaging platform with all the inputs and outputs you could possibly need to solve your DICOM connectivity problems: With TIMS you have full control over what you send to your PACS...
  • EvolutionHD Medical Image Recording
    Storage - Evolution HD
    The EvolutionHD offers the latest in FULL 1080p video recording in a compact Medical Video Recorder all while delivering brilliant HD video quality designed for Apple and Windows editing. The User...
  • USB200 Image Storage
    Storage - USB200 SD Recorder
    The Medicap USB200 is very easy to use. No speacial training or installation is needed. Plug the USB200 into your imaging equipment and press a button or tap a footswitch to start saving video and...
  • USB300 High Definition Video Recorder
    Storage - USB300 HD Recorder
    The Medicap USB300 records high-definition video from your endoscope, arthroscope, surgical camera, ultrasound, etc. Saves to an internal hard drive or external USB flash drive. Can be accessed via...
  • DentalEye Imaging Software
    Software - DentalEye
    You can now experience a new dimension in open platform software with compatibility, reliability, speed and security. DentalEye is not only a high performance Xray software, it is an open platform...
  • MedicalEye Imaging Software
    Software - MedicalEye
    If you work daily with computers, you need programs that are fast, user friendly, offer an open platform and compatible. In the medical imaging arena, software packages are usually tailored to a...
  • Shuttle XPC Computer
    Computer - Shuttle XPC
    The Shuttle XPC Series sets new standards in terms of performance. Powered by Intel's latest chipsets, it not only takes blazingly fast Intel processors with either two or four cores, but also up to...

ISO9001 Quality Certified: Inline Systems is committed to providing professional and superior service.

ISO9001 Quality Certified
Inline Systems is committed to providing professional and superior service.