High Quality LED Optics in a Portable Package

As a result of SurgiTel’s on-going intensive R&D programme the “Eclipse” versions of these two popular headlights add touch-free control, yet another cutting edge feature. With “Eclipse” sensor technology the units, once the chosen intensity is set, can be turned on or off during procedures with the wave of the hand! Just as with SurgiTel’s small and low-set loupes that no longer require “Flipping-up” like older style loupes, the new Eclipse now also avoids the same cross-contamination issue.

Comfortably wave the light off when finished with a patient, move around the office, and simply wave it on for a next patient. Nothing has touched your loupesor batteries in-between. Easier switching also extends battery life and the life of the product.

Avoid the risks of cross-contamination
Motion activated, truly touch-free
Consult without blinding patient/assistant
Easy switching conserves battery life

Watch an Eclipse Motion Demonstration Video


  • Patented optics create superior beam quality
  • Color options to adapt to your work
  • Smallest and lightest LED headlight
  • Lithium battery pack provides light for 8 hours
  • Adjustable brightness knob
  • Fits on SurgiTel and other telescopes, frames, or headbands
  • Optimal color balance provides true colors and reduces eye strain
  • Co-axial design produces shadowless work space

All SurgiTel headlights offer users shadow-free images, excellent colour rendering and coaxial adjustment mount adaptability to SurgiTel and other telescopes, frames or headbands. With the range of SurgiTel headlights you’ll experience amazing brightness with unrestricted mobility that enables you to work with precision while enjoying complete comfort and improved overall ergonomics.

SurgiTel’s patented optics create a unique achromatic beam which results in a clear, even circle of light with no hot spots or fading edges. Hot spots induce glare and faded edges reduce clarity. SurgiTel’s LED illuminates your target evenly and is comfortable to the eye.

The SurgiTel Micro 3 Watt LED is the latest generation of portable, handsfree LED headlight systems offering high-quality, uniform beams using the SurgiTel patent-pending beam forming optics. The Micro headlight is currently the lightest headlight in the SurgiTel range and was designed as the perfect compliment to the MicroLine Loupes.

The light provides the user with a beam which is very uniform and exhibits no colour change over the range of the depth of field of loupes. It should be noted that both the colour and beam uniformity of other brands of LED headlights which use a single lens display changes over the depth of field of the loupes.

It should be noted that both colour and beam uniformity changes can be observed with LED headlights that use a single lens display. SurgiTel's True Beam TM technology provides a tighter, more focused beam.

Engineered with the latest generation of Lithium-Ion Quick-Charge batteries, the SurgiTel battery pack provides up to 9 hours of regulated power.

The battery unit features a step-less light intensity controller that provides the user with precise control over the brightness of the headlight allowing for the maximum detail to be viewed. Over-illuminating a reflective surface, such as teeth, causes the image to become "blown out", resulting in the loss of highlight detail.

The SurgiTel High Intensity Mini LED was designed from the ground-up creating a compact, portable, high-intensity light system that beautifully integrates with our award-winning telescopes. By combining SurgiTel’s ErgoVision HD loupe technology and the brightest 3 Watt LED available, the Mini provides you with a powerful and perfectly defined light beam. Experience magnification in a whole new light… Comfortably.

In addition to its light weight optics the Mini HI LED is powered by a compact, long lasting Lithium Ion Mini Battery Pack that together provide the right light to help you see and work at your best.

Better suited to higher magnification loupes 4.5x and above
Adjustable high intensity light system
Compact and bright LED


Mini .49 ounce (13.9g)
Micro .65 ounce (18.4g)
Micro10,500 - 48,500 Lux
Mini10,500-75,000 foot-candles
Lens Diameter
Micro 14mm
Mini 19mm
Life:(estimated)Over 10,000 hours or 2-3 years
CuringOrange flip-filter available

Touch Control Functions

Three Brightness Levels
On/Off Switch Lock


Battery Type Lithium Ion
Battery Life 7 hours @ highest intensity
Charge Cycles Up to 800 charge/discharge cycles

Charge Time 2-3 hours for a full charge
, LED can be used while charging

Weight 5.2 ounces (148g)


SurgiTel LED Non Battery Parts: 2 years
SurgiTel LED Battery, 1 year

Q. Why do I need a headlight if I already use an overhead light?

A. With an overhead light you're bound to get a lot of shadows cast from your hands and tools. With a headlight attached to your loupes, in what is called a co-axial alignment, any shadows are directly opposite your eye so everything you see is lit!

Q. What is colour rendering and why does it matter?

A. Just making your light brighter doesn’t mean you see better. In fact, if the light is too bright it will “wash out” details making your work harder! True clarity comes from the right brightness, contrast, glare reduction and also colour rendering. Our lights have adjustable brightness, our lens coatings control glare reduction and we have different colour temperature lights and optional colour contrasting filters. Click “Request an Appointment” and your local representative can customize a system ideal for your work.

Q. I see a lot of glare, and I’m getting eye strain, from the overly bright surgical lights. What can I do?

A. SurgiTel has multiple types of filters that can cut glare and limit residual light from outside of your working area. Each can be customized to your work environment.

Q. I have a Xenon light source already. Can I upgrade my light without having to buy a whole new power source?

A. Absolutely. We manufacture our fiber optic headlights with whatever connection you need. We keep connections for all the major brand light source connection ports: ACMI, Olympus, Storz, and Wolf.

ISO9001 Quality Certified: Inline Systems is committed to providing professional and superior service.

ISO9001 Quality Certified
Inline Systems is committed to providing professional and superior service.