You can now experience a new dimension in open platform software with compatibility, reliability, speed and security. DentalEye is not only a high performance Xray software, it is an open platform allowing you to integrate all the digital systems in your practice into one package. Treat yourself to the freedom of DentalEye. Combine your different Xray sensors, digital OPG’s, Xray scanners, intra oral cameras and digital cameras along with numerous other devices into one software program with DentalEye.

The total integration concept does not end there. It also includes links to practice management packages and other dental software programs.

One software platform for multiple systems

If you work daily with computers, you need programs that are fast, user friendly, offer an open platform and compatible. In the digital Xray arena, software packages are usually tailored to a particular sensor or manufacturer. The limitations of these isolated software packages are now history with the introduction of DentalEye.

DentalEye Screen

DentalEye offers a standard interface allowing you to start the software from practice management programs by simply clicking on the desired icon (i.e., Xray or Intra Oral camera). This eliminates the need of keeping multiple patient databases for different programs.

DentalEye is fast and easy to install using standard Windows commands, even over networks. The standard license is for one server and up to 4 workstations. Additional work stations can be added at any time by purchasing the optional 10 station license.

Professional Microsoft SQL data structure

DentalEye is based on the professional Microsoft SQL data base. This ensures high performance, reliability and compatibility with Microsoft Windows 98, ME, 2000 and XP Operating Systems. This also guarantees that DentalEye is an open platform and compatible within the Microsoft PC world allowing images and data to be swapped between various applications with ease.

Tagged images can also be sent over the internet via email at any time. One mouse click is enough to start your email program with the tagged images already attached.

Automated Image Acquisition

Intelligent and Intuitive : The automatic function

DentalEye has an intelligent ‘capture’ function allowing you to take a single shot or a series of images without a mouse click. You can now take a complete collection of shots without operating the software once during the sequence. Intuitive ‘save’ functions are already structuring your data in the background during the imaging sequence. The images are also rotated automatically to the correct orientation after each exposure.

Colorization assists with diagnosis

Intuitive software for reliable diagnosis

DentalEye offers a variety of helpful and important functions for diagnosis and image manipulation. Many of these tools (e.g. caries detection tool, colourisation tool, etc ) were developed specifically for DentalEye by the well known Swedish professor and Xray expert, Dr. Welander.

The integrated histogram analysis function provides a high level of consistency. One mouse click and you can check if the image was correctly exposed. To optimize the quality of the Xray over the entire area of the image, DentalEye is fitted with an Xray gun compensation tool. This feature is an important tool designed to maintain consistent contrast properties over time and thereby assist diagnosis by the operator.

Caries Detection

Tools to assist you

Difficult to detect gray scales can now be reliably diagnosed using the ‘histogram stretch’ function. Undetectable differences can be colored with a simple mouse click thereby assisting with a reliable diagnosis in a matter of seconds. The caries detection tool also provides a clear and reliable diagnosis.

The integrated gray scale correction tool provides a clear view of procedures giving information such as thickness and density where required. DentalEye also allows length and angle measurements to be made in seconds. Images can of course be rotated, mirrored or zoomed if necessary with other adjustments made on the fly such as brightness and contrast.

An open platform for image transfer and slide function presentations is available in the software through a user friendly interface which includes Import and export capabilities. File formats supported are : (JPG, TIF, PCX, PMG, BMP, CMP ).

Typical Xray Images

Document your exposures using the logbook function

DentalEye also offers an additional special feature in the form of an Xray log book function. This allows you to control and document the duration and level of radiation for each patient with the software keeping track of each exposure automatically.

Logbook Feature

The easy to use ‘Light Box’ Interface of DENTALEYE provides the operator with an uninterrupted view of both Xray and video images on the one screen. The images can be grouped and manipulated on the light box screen as required. The advantage: only the images on the screen are changed while the original remains saved on your hard drive in mint condition. The modified and grouped images can then be saved under a new name at any time if required and are easy to retrieve.

Experience the freedom of DentalEye today !

DentalEye Complete CD

DentalEye 3.1.926, reduced CD with most plug-ins & drivers.
No demo database included. English lanuage only.
When installed this is a full version but limited in time.
(Note: For latest plugins, see the Misc directory on download or contact INLINE Medical & Dental.)
DentalEye Complete CD - Approximately 80MB

DentalEye Video Plugin

Latest video plugin for DentalEye. Supports USB Cameras.
DentalEye Video Plugin - Approximately 2MB

I-Max Plugin

Latest I-Max plugin for DentalEye. Supports I-Max Easy, I-Max Plus & I-Max Touch.
DentalEye I-Max Plugin - Approximately 5MB

Owandy Sensor Plugin

Latest Owandy Sensor plugin for DentalEye.
DentalEye Sensor Plugin - Approximately 1MB

ISO9001 Quality Certified: Inline Systems is committed to providing professional and superior service.

ISO9001 Quality Certified
Inline Systems is committed to providing professional and superior service.