Headlight FAQs

Q. Why do I need a headlight if I already use an overhead light?

A. With an overhead light you're bound to get a lot of shadows cast from your hands and tools. With a headlight attached to your loupes, in what is called a co-axial alignment, any shadows are directly opposite your eye so everything you see is lit!

Q. What is colour rendering and why does it matter?

A. Just making your light brighter doesn’t mean you see better. In fact, if the light is too bright it will “wash out” details making your work harder! True clarity comes from the right brightness, contrast, glare reduction and also colour rendering. Our lights have adjustable brightness, our lens coatings control glare reduction and we have different colour temperature lights and optional colour contrasting filters. Click “Request an Appointment” and your local representative can customize a system ideal for your work.

Q. I see a lot of glare, and I’m getting eye strain, from the overly bright surgical lights. What can I do?

A. SurgiTel has multiple types of filters that can cut glare and limit residual light from outside of your working area. Each can be customized to your work environment.

Q. I have a Xenon light source already. Can I upgrade my light without having to buy a whole new power source?

A. Absolutely. We manufacture our fiber optic headlights with whatever connection you need. We keep connections for all the major brand light source connection ports: ACMI, Olympus, Storz, and Wolf.

ISO9001 Quality Certified: Inline Systems is committed to providing professional and superior service.

ISO9001 Quality Certified
Inline Systems is committed to providing professional and superior service.