Advanced panoramic imaging
The OP3DPro combines an advanced panoramic imaging system with either cephalometric or cone beam 3D or a combination of both, giving you a truly adaptable platform for different imaging applications and dental specialties.

Complete versatility
Standard scan with optimized patient dose can be used for general diagnostics, whilst the high resolution scan offers extremely sharp images for more detailed diagnosis. The Low dose scan can be utilized in dose sensitive cases and control or follow-up situations where lower resolution is acceptable. In addition to this there is an 85 µm voxel size with MAR tool specially designed for endodontic applications.


OP3DPro is designed and built as an expandable platform in which both 3D and cephalometric options are field upgradeable. OP3DPro can truly grow with your practice and be tailored to your preferences

Five fields-of-view

  • FOV 5 x 5 cm Optimized for single site implants or localized diagnostics, keeping the patient dose at a substantially reduced level.

  • FOV 6 x 8 cm Covers the complete dental arch for multiple implant placement and allows for the use of surgical guides.

  • FOV 8 x 8 cm Covers the entire dentition, including both mandibula and maxilla as well a portion of maxillary sinus.

  • FOV 8 x 15 cm Covers both mandibula and maxilla including airway and upper cervical spine or the sinus. Both TM joints can be also studied.

  • FOV 13 x 15 cm Covers the entire maxillofacial region.

Multilayer pan

The OP3DPro multilayer panoramic option provides five panoramic images with only one scan. This enables forgiving patient positioning and reduces retake exposures.
Multilayer images are achieved in the same scanning time and dose as the traditional panoramic scan.

Low Dose Technology TM LDT

Low Dose Technology™ function provides quality images optimized for a very low dose. This technology provides low dose scans for sensitive cases such as children, follow-up imaging or implant planning while maintaining clinical value. All FOV sizes have the possibility for low dose imaging.

Automatic dose control (ADC)

User-selectable ADC adaptively regulates panoramic exposure levels to each individual patient, during every acquisition to optimize the dosage patient specifically

Accurate and stable patient positioning

Correct positioning is assured by automatically operated three positioning laser lights. A rigid 5-point positioning
system eliminates patient movement. The open product design allows easy viewing and positioning of the

ISO9001 Quality Certified: Inline Systems is committed to providing professional and superior service.

ISO9001 Quality Certified
Inline Systems is committed to providing professional and superior service.