In the process of criminal investigation and security work, how to skilfully and secretly observe target environment plays an essential role.

M-IR series is a customized endoscope type for such special industries. Based on mechanical control of 360-degree rotation, it can reduce the noise to the lowest level. With 6mm infrared night vision lens, it can achieve 10-meter/20-meter effective observing distance under completely dark environment, in order to lower the risk of observers.

System specs

System dimensions 315 x 103 x 173mm
Display screen3.5’’ IPS industrial HD screen with resolution ratio of 640x480
Control lever Mechanical rocker with lens able to rotate in 360-degree
Probe reset Automatic set
Functions Photography, video, brightness control, locking, frame & flip and zoom in/out
Audio 3.5mm integrated headset
Internal storage 16G
Data I/O port SD card interface, TVOUT signal interface, headset interface, charge interface and USB interface
Battery One 18650 Lithium batteries(replaceable)
Standby time> 3 hours
Operating method Handy portable
Brightness Control 6-degree brightness adjustment

Front video probe specs

Probe dimension6.0mm±0.1mm
Total length 0-3m
Luminance >20,000 lux
Angle of view 80°
Angle of bending 150±10°
Effective pixels 450,000 pixels
Luminous powerE type >100mw (10m effective distance observing) P type>250mw(20m effective distance observing)
Depth of field (mm) 50mm
Direction of rotation of lens Mechanical rotation of any direction at 360°
Material of insert tube Tungsten wire wear-resistant tube

Software specs

Operation system Real time multitasking operation system
User interface Pull down operation menu
File management Support image and video play, delete, format
Image controlframe & flip, freeze and zoom in/out
Image Format JPEG/JPG (record the date & time)
Video format AVI (record date & time)
Language English/Chinese/Korean/German/Japanese/French/Spanish

ISO9001 Quality Certified: Inline Systems is committed to providing professional and superior service.

ISO9001 Quality Certified
Inline Systems is committed to providing professional and superior service.