Otoscope Probe

The otoscope probe is designed to provide brilliant endoscopic images of the ear or nasal cavities, for patients ranging from small children to adult. The use of disposable speculae guarantees hygiene between patients.
No additional light source is required as the illumination is supplied by the handpiece.

Sinus Probe

The sinus probes are available in two viewing directions. Options are : 0 degrees and 30 degrees with a 60 degree field of view. Both probes are 2.7mm in diameter and 110mm in length.

General Imaging Probe

The general imaging probe is used for capturing extraoral images of the face, preoperative rhinoplasty views of the nose and mouth, images of the tonsils, cleft palates and intraoral lesions. The probe includes a rotating ring to ensure homogeneous illumination and to facilitate manual focusing. Light intensity can also be individually regulated via a slit diaphragm. Focus range: macro to infinite.

90°- Dental Probe

The dental probe is used for capturing intra-oral side conforming images of the dental cavity. The aperture angle of 60° ensures brilliant 3D images of 1 to 5 teeth at a magnification of up to 25x. Due to the slender 9mm design and wide 8-45mm focal range, the probe is ideally suited to areas of the mouth that are usually difficult to approach.

Dermatology Probe

With magnifications of of x20, x45, x80 & x150, the dermatology probe is ideal for diagnosing and recording external skin conditions. Complete with focus adjustment, the probe can be set up for surface magnification or for viewing into cavities or wounds up to 10mm deep. Removable light diffusing tips ensure hygiene between patients. For use with or without oils.

Endoscope Adapter

The endoscope adapter provides a simple mechanism to connect a wide range of medical endoscopes such as Aesculap, Schoelly & Storz (an external light source is required). When used with Nasopharyngoscopes for the examination of the Larynx and airways, the ProEX is an ideal solution for speech pathology and the examination of swallowing reflexes.

ISO9001 Quality Certified: Inline Systems is committed to providing professional and superior service.

ISO9001 Quality Certified
Inline Systems is committed to providing professional and superior service.