ProEX - The Powerful Telehealth Imaging Solution

The ProEX facilitates rapid health management consultations for patients who have limited access to specialist services.
By connecting with their chosen healthcare specialist through a video conferencing link, the local health practitioner can examine a patient using the integrated medical camera and consult directly with a specialist provider at another location. All images and videos can be transmitted through the video conferencing connection to a specialist for remote diagnosis, or stored locally on the encrypted hard drive for later analysis or archiving.

Video conferencing can be transmitted via a local network, the internet, or via 3G/4G/LTE using an optional interface module.

Typical locations for the ProEX could include :

  • Medical Centres
  • Rural & Remote Communities
  • Detention Centres & Prisons
  • Oil Rigs & Mining Camps
  • Nursing Homes, Aged Care
  • Cruise Liners
  • Merchant Navy
  • Military Camps

The ProEX supports a comprehensive range of interchangeable probes to simplify patient imaging.

Select from a wide variety of snap-on probes for special imaging needs:

  • otoscope
  • dermatology
  • dentistry
  • ophthalmic
  • general imaging
  • sinus probe

Most conventional medical endoscopes can be connected in a matter of seconds using our standard endoscope adapter.
The ProEX imaging handpiece includes high-intensity LED illumination, and is held in the hand like a pen.
Optional probes snap onto the end of the handpiece and can be switched in a matter of seconds.

Ergonomic Design

The ProEX includes a variety of connectors for external monitors or group presentations. This makes the ProEX perfect for educational presentations. Multiple video inputs allow the unit to be used with third party video sources such as endoscope cameras, ultrasound units, video ophthalmoscopes or slit lamp cameras, while retaining the benefits of internal storage.

ProEX Connections

An external hard drive can also be connected for additional storage, as might be needed for recording video during an extended medical procedure.


  • Lightweight, compact and portable - suitable for any situation
  • Intuitive touch screen control
  • Integrated patient database
  • Interchangeable medical probes for flexibility of use
  • LED Illumination provides homogeneous illumination
  • Precision German-manufactured optics provide high resolution, diagnostic quality images
  • Easily record still images or videos using the optional foot switch or remote control
  • Patient images & information can be simply transferred to USB
  • Telehealth-ready - for use with any existing Video Conferencing system

ISO9001 Quality Certified: Inline Systems is committed to providing professional and superior service.

ISO9001 Quality Certified
Inline Systems is committed to providing professional and superior service.