Type Adult and child panoramic, ECOPAN, MultiPAN, Dentition, PA and LL (right and left) maxillary sinuses, Temporomandibular joint (2 x LL +2 x PA) open and closed.
Child examination Yes
Maximum resolution from 5 to 7 lp/mm
Maximum field of view (mm) 280 (length); 150 (height)
Reduced field of view (cm) 6 x 12.5 (Child); 6 x 9 (Dentition bitewing)
Maximum image data dimensions 7.5MB
Magnification PAN 1.2 - 1.3
Scan time PAN 12s (STD.) - 6.6s (ECO)
Minimum image display times RealTime
Advanced filters ApT (Autoadaptive Panoramic Treatment)


Type Complete examination of the 2 arches in a single scan for adults and children with reduced collimation. Studies of the maxillary region with maxillary sinuses. Studies localized to region of interest.
Child examination Yes
Maximum resolution Voxel 80 µm (minimum section thickness)
Maximum field of view (mm) 102 (diameter); 96 (height)
Reduced field of view (cm) 10x10 - 10x7 - 10x6 - 8x7 - 8x6 - 6x7 - 6x6
Maximum image data dimensions 720 MB
Magnification 1 to 1
Scan time HiRes 16.8s (Regular) - 9.6s (ECO) STD 11.2s (regular) - 6.4s (ECO)
Minimum image display times 15 s
Advanced filters aMAR (Autoadaptive Metal Artifact Removal)
Minimum available work space requirement 872 mm (L) x 1101 mm (D)
Package dimensions (L)x(D)x(H) in mm Box1 930x690x960 + Box2 1860x355x350
Weight 90 kg (199lb)
Accessories Free standing base
Patient alignment 3 laser guides
Patient positioning 5 head support points
Adjustments Keypad on machine and/or iPhone/Android Phone - 2-speed height adjustment drive
Examination selection Virtual control panel on PC, Windows tablet and/or iPad
Notes Easy access for patients in wheelchairs
Connections LAN/Ethernet
Software NNT
Supported Protocols DICOM 3.0, TWAIN, VDDS
DICOM Nodes IHE Certification (Print; Storage Commitment; WorkList; MPPS; Query Retrieve)
App Compatibility with iPad and iPhone
Generator TypeConstant potential (DC)
Anode Voltage2D mode: 60 kV - 85 kV (step 1kV); 3D mode: 90 kV (Pulsed mode)
Anode current 4 mA - 15 mA
Focal Spot 0,6mm (IEC 60336)
Exposure control SafeBeam™
Maximum continuous anode input power 42W (1:20 at 85kV/10mA)
Inherent filtration 6 mm Al eq. (at 90 kV)
Detector typeAmorphous Silicon (CSI)
Dynamic range16 bit (65.536 grey levels)
Voltage/Frequency115-240 Vac, +/- 10% / 50/60 Hz +/- 2Hz
Maximum absorbed surge current 20A at 115V; 12A at 240V
Current absorption in standby mode Maximum 0.5A (240V); 1A (115V)
Notes Automatic adaptation for voltage and frequency

ISO9001 Quality Certified: Inline Systems is committed to providing professional and superior service.

ISO9001 Quality Certified
Inline Systems is committed to providing professional and superior service.