The D2 90Mtr Push Rod Inspection System can Inspect 2" to 12" sewer pipe with the ultra-portable System. Do not be limited, these systems are available in lengths up to 600ft and motorized drums for convenient pipe, borehole and sewer inspections. All New Xpress D2 Command Modules feature USB recording capabilities and built in Text-Writer! Do not settle for standard push systems. We developed push rods and compound sonde springs that will push further and around more traps and turns. Featuring the exclusive ClearVIEW performance camera heads for unsurpassed picture quality and clarity.

Command Module

  • Lightweight design, detachable from reel, wheels for portability
  • Molded with Polyethylene for ruggedness and toughness
  • Laptop, fliptop Style Design, screen damage protection
  • Horizontal Base Frame with telescoping handle for On-The-Go Performance
  • Easy "one person" transport on horizontal frame display
  • Digital On-Screen distance counter
  • Position control button, Reset control button
  • Clear and easy viewing screen Auto Adjust Screen Brightness
  • 10.4" LCD Monitor Display Screen


  • ClearVIEW Camera Heads designed for brilliant inspections
  • ClearVIEW Self Leveling (2"-12" pipes)
  • Camera Test Port LAN or WAN Connection


  • DIGITAL Xpress D2, USB Thumbdrive recording
  • Compatible with External VCR, Recordable DVD, DVR, and more!
  • Advanced Text-Writer offers complete documentation of all your jobs
  • Video/Audio Out for external recording

Push Rod

  • Heavy Duty Push Rod 12mm optimized for large pipeline or mainline
  • 200 or 300 Feet - Your Choice
  • Ideal for 3" and 4" Pipe Traps / 90 ° turns
  • Advanced Pushrods optimized for further pushes and more turns
Counter Digital
Roto Mold ABS
Case Detachable
Camera1.3" Diameter
Resolution480 x 720
Record USB
Pipe Size2" to 12"
CableFibe Glass
Pipe Size2" to 12"
CableFibe Glass
Son512 Hz

ISO9001 Quality Certified: Inline Systems is committed to providing professional and superior service.

ISO9001 Quality Certified
Inline Systems is committed to providing professional and superior service.