Q. Which magnification power should I choose?

A. That depends. If you are a first-time loupe user we generally recommend a 2.5 x magnification loupes. This will provide you a good balance between magnification and width of your field size. If you are an experienced user, the magnification increase that you want is whichever would make your procedures easier. To try out some different magnifications where you work, schedule a demo or an appointment by clicking the buttons to the left.

Q. What if I wear glasses?

A. No problem, we’ll get your prescription during your office fitting. For flip-up type mounting, we will put prescription lenses in your Titanium or Oakley frames when we build them. For through-the-lens mounting, the first lens of the ocular will have your prescription built right in.

Q. Galilean and Prism lenses — what's the difference?

A. Without getting too technical, a prism lens is different from a Galilean lens in that it adds a miniature prism inside the telescope ocular. This allows you to obtain a bigger field size even at the higher magnification levels. Although traditional prism telescopes would be much heavier, our patented Compact-Prism design delivers very high magnification without adding on a whole lot of weight!

Q. Why do I need to wear loupes? I see just fine!

A. Even with perfect eyesight, you are missing lots of detail without magnification. Bending over to see better is not a solution! Your upper/lower back and your neck are significantly strained by this bad posture. With our light, high powered, wide view loupes you can both see and feel better.

Q. Can I wear a laser or x-ray filter with my loupes?

A. Yes. SurgiTel has designed a system that allows complete integration of laser filters, x-ray filters, loupes and even headlights.